night paintings, Tuscany


Evening in the Bar

Nightfall with Flags


Colours of light

oil on canvas 29 x 44 cm

oil on canvas 45 x 35 cm 

oil on canvas 66 x 48 cm

oil on canvas 52 x 76 cm

Two doors


Jeep in the piazza

Nightfall in the piazza

oil on panel 32 x 64 cm

oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

oil on canvas 26 x 38 cm

oil on canvas 52 x 41 cm

On the threshold

Into the bar


Warm evening

oil on canvas 50 x 55 cm

oil on canvas 32 x 50 cm

oil on canvas 44 x 48 cm

oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

I used to teach a summer school in Casole d'Elsa, a small Tuscan hill town. Feeling so completely at home in that environment, I decided to record and probe the quality of life after dark. Tee shirts at midnight, the whole square buzzing with laughter, children on bicycles, and always the magnetic pull of the bars, pouring light from their open fronts. There is also a vulnerability in the light pools, a suggestion that the darkness is poised to engulf them. The sociable drinkers are oblivious of the fragility of their position.

Oliver BEVAN
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