UPCOMING EXHIBITION : "Visions éphémères"

Galerie du Luxembourg

Mairie du 6ème arrondissement

78, rue Bonaparte PARIS

Oliver will be present the mornings of the 4th, 6th and 7th of Febrary


Paintings from the series "Windscreens", "Cast shadows" plus canvases of interiors and still lifes will be exhibited


Oliver's painting "Walk" will be shown in the Guildhall Art Gallery's exhibition "The Big City" - poster below. A detail from hihs painting forms the letter "I"!


La Réserve will be closed from Febrary 1st until March 31st

We are however available during this time if you phone

+33 6 75 59 61 80

Everything in the drawers and in storage at La Réserve: (drawings, monoprints, oils, pastels, gouaches, collages) from 1958 to 2000 is accessible on the site under the heading ‘archives’ on the galleries page.


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